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Aluminium structures by Ekotempo - First class materials, innovative technical solutions, attractive finishes, excellent value for money and unlimited creative possibilities

We manufacture aluminium structures of the highest quality

Ekotempo was facing a need for its own production of aluminium structures in the middle of last year, due to the growth in volume of contracts for construction and reconstruction of civil buildings, supermarkets and business centres.

At First, in 1992, Ekotempo created its own small-scale production. Then, in 2009, it built its 1570 m2 production hall in Albrechtice. It was here, its modern production of aluminium constructions, windows and doors was launched on the basis of top-quality HEROAL and Yawal systems.

At present, Ekotempo produces a wide range of aluminium structures on the ELUMATEC production line, which is one of the best European products of this kind in terms of the quality of design and performance, its analytical properties, the precision of the detail, and the extensive range of the product portfolio.

Outdoor structures

Glazed aluminium facades, windows, doors, skylights, conservatories, shelters, sun loungers, pool halls and other structures for the construction of civil and industrial buildings.

Interior design

Interior doors, glazed partition walls, all-glass partitions, sliding systems and other interior solutions that are suitable for business and office centres', open space and office buildings, offices, airports, and shops.

Fire Protection

Fire-resistant facades, walls and shutters, seals, aluminium system solutions for facades, windows, doors and partitions - these are solutions that meet the various fire protection requirements.

Supplementary portfolio and accessories

Roller blinds, louvers, self-closing mechanisms, doorbell cabinets, boxes, insect screens, fittings, etc.

We manufacture aluminium structures for our own projects as well as custom-made ones

Ecotempo aluminum constructions - the use of first-class materials, innovative technical solutions, attractive finishes, excellent value for money and unlimited creative possibilities

We produce aluminum structures, windows and doors for our own ongoing construction projects as well as for external customers.

Technical solutions for individual projects are handled by experienced Ekotempo technicians and engineers depending on customer requirements.

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Ekotempo spol s r.o.

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Ekotempo spol s r.o.

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