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We guarantee the execution of the contract in top quality, at agreed dates and prices

Construction of residential and family houses according to your requirements and ideas

Ekotempo s.r.o. has for 27 years been providing turnkey solutions for both individual customers and public investors and developers.

In the course of construction and within the framework of general deliveries of residential and family houses, we provide our customers with a complete service from pre-consultation, budgeting and project documentation, up to turnkey construction and building approval.

Construction of residential buildings

Within the sector of housing construction, we specialize in low-floor residential complexes, multifunctional and residential buildings.

In cooperation with developers, we carry out pre-project and project preparation and selection of optimum professional and technical solutions for residential construction. We provide building permits and as-built designs, as well as the final considerations before submitting an application for the building permit.

In this area of the building construction business, our customers are both small private investors and large companies such as CENTRAL GROUP - the biggest residential developer and investor in new housing developments in the Czech Republic.

With extensive experience in building construction and our own production capacity, we offer our customers the most cost-effective technical and engineering solutions that reduce the construction costs without compromising the quality of the building work.

Ekotempo pays particular attention when building new apartment buildings and individual flats to providing the maximum comfort of living, with 100% quality and a fine attention to detail.

We design and build the structures according to customer wishes and ideas.

We carry out construction of apartment buildings throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We also offer reconstruction, revitalization and insulation of existing apartment houses.

Construction of family houses with the best price-to-quality ratio

The turnkey construction of family houses by Ekotempo have many significant advantages for our customers.

Above all, we do the majority of our work with our own core staff, so our clients do not have to pay higher subcontractors rates. Ekotempo has its own manufacturing capacities for all the major construction trades, including technology and services.

In addition to specialized construction activities, Ekotempo is also a manufacturer of aluminium structures, windows and doors, with its own locksmith workshop,custom metalwork, joinery, building and transport equipment fleet, which allows the customer to avoid additional expenditures on subcontractors. giving Ekotempo the opportunity to offer its customers the best price.

Ekotempo's own design department create a project that fully meets the individual customer requirements and expectations, and contains optimum engineering, technical and structural solutions for each individual project.

With over 27 years of cooperation,Ekotempo benefit from larger bonuses and discounts from many manufacturers and resellers of building materials. Therefore giving us the ability to offer our customers lower prices for high-quality and well-proven building materials.

As part of our turnkey construction of family houses, we provide the customer with full service - from the execution of the building permit to a proper and timely completion of the entire building and its approval.

When building family houses, we focus on quality and individual approach to the customer.

Entrust the construction of your family house to professionals!

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Ekotempo spol s r.o.

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