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The procedure and scope of reconstructions and redevelopments always depends on the requirements and ideas of the investor

Reconstructions and renovations of buildings, houses, halls
and industrial buildings

Even with the most careful use, each building has its lifetime limit. The overall condition of the building and its interior deteriorates over time, building materials age, more and more defects appear, and after a certain period of time every property requires a repair and reconstruction.

Ekotempo specializes in reconstructions and turnkey redevelopment of residential, family houses, historical buildings, rental and administrative buildings, as well as halls and industrial buildings.

During its 27 years of history, Ekotempo has performed reconstruction and rebuilding of several dozens of Billa supermarkets and shopping centres, including such centres as Billa Praha Prosek, Bill Louny, and the Billa ČR centre in Modletice. Our references include reconstructions of Komerční banka, Česká spořitelna, Union Bank, Raiffeisenbank, UniCredit Bank. Apartment buildings in Krnov and Opava, a polyfunctional building in Libeznice u Prahy, monastery in Opava, the headquarters of the central office of Czech Land Fund in Bruntál, extension of a four-star hotel Cvilín and others.

A professionally executed high-quality reconstruction reduces future maintenance and operation costs, increases its value, creates new aesthetic appearance, pleasant climate and comfort, prevents heat loss and reduces energy expenditures.

Combination of reconstruction and rebuilding allows you to change and extend the functionality of the building, increase the quality of the property and its profitability. An excellent example of this, is the rebuilding of old Prague apartment buildings into modern hotels.

General delivery of reconstruction and turnkey rebuilding projects

Ekotempo is able to perform a professional complex reconstruction and rebuilding of any building, from the initial investment plan to the building approval.

The scope and procedure of the reconstruction and redevelopment of the building always depends on the concrete ideas and requirements of the investor.

If the customer does not have a project and only has a framework idea of the target solution, then Ekotempo specialists will carry out a preliminary consultation on the site, agree on the basic idea and then submit a proposal for reconstruction, appearance and overall solution.

Once the design has been approved, the customer will be presented a project with price offer.

In the course of general supplies intended for the reconstruction and redevelopment of buildings and building facilities, Ekotempo carries out the following works:

We will gladly design and perform a reconstruction of any building according to your ideas and requirements. We guarantee optimum, cost-effective solutions while maintaining high quality.

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