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Construction, reconstruction and installations of supermarkets and shopping centres

During the 27 years of business, the construction and production company Ekotempo s.r.o. has developed more than 150 constructions, reconstructions and indoor structures of supermarkets within the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our main customers are mainly international business chains such as REWE Group, BILLA, spol. s r.o. and Schwarz Gruppe (Kaufland).

In this sector Ekotempo provides construction of buildings mainly as the general contractor. The customer provides a wide range of services and works: from engineering and design to turn-key supermarket construction, including coordination of subcontractors, air conditioning, HVAC, wiring, heating, plumbing, sewerage, heat supply, low-voltage systems etc.

Ekotempo's great advantage is that, in addition to the specialized construction activities, it also carries out production activities, which are widely used in the construction of supermarkets and business centres. This allows it to offer customers advantageous, competitive prices.

The most important production and technical departments of Ekotempo include:

Ekotempo carries out the construction, reconstruction and indoor installation of supermarkets and shopping centres in accordance with the project documentation and technical specifications of the customer, or on the basis of tailoring projects in accordance to the requirements of the investor.

The construction of supermarkets and business centres can be done either according to build-to-suit system or with the maximum possible respect of the requirements of potential tenants. These questions are usually addressed in the pre-project phase and when designing the project documentation.

Depending on the planned size of the supermarket or the shopping centre, the supporting structures can be designed in any technology: steel, monolithic or prefabricated reinforced concrete, wooden glued structures.

We invite customers, investors and developers to mutual cooperation. We guarantee optimum, cost-effective solutions while maintaining high quality.

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Ekotempo spol s r.o.

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